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The Jim Lake Community Fund

The Jim Lake Community Fund is dedicated to the growth, prosperity, and well-being of the Northern Neck community through grants for local businesses and continuing education.

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for a greater Richmond, which receives our donations.

Jim Lake and wife Cynthia Hudson
Jim Lake and wife, Cynthia Hudson


Jim Lake was a living breathing inspiration both in example and in spirit. He was as gentle as he was bold. As generous as he was driven. As kind as he was steadfast. 

From his humble beginnings on a farm in Bakersfield, California, Jim launched an extraordinarily accomplished career in politics, serving under both President Ronald Regan and President George H. W. Bush. He was a trusted advisor to numerous governors and congressional representatives driven by a desire to, in his words, “explore new experiences and contribute to the public good.” Equally accomplished in the private sector, Jim founded two highly successful communications agencies in Washington, DC.

Jim, who was highly regarded both in the political and business worlds, always placed an emphasis on family, stating, “the most meaningful part of my human existence has been my family.” In retirement, the Northern Neck became Jim’s sanctuary. He embraced the local community as his own and they embraced him right back. This would become the gathering place to connect generations and bond family, friend, and neighbor alike to one another and to this place we call “home”.


Local businesses are a foundational element of our community.  Beyond the essential services they provide, they are the economic engine that helps to build and continues to define the Northern Neck. 

The Jim Lake Community Fund empowers entrepreneurs to improve, promote, and protect their businesses. The Fund offers financial support, as well as business consulting services, to position business owners for success.


The future generations of our community deserve the chance to develop their talents and expand their educational opportunities in high school and beyond. 

The Jim Lake Community Fund offers students the opportunity to receive funding for continuing education and trade skill development.

Our foundation serves to honor Jim’s legacy and the values he embodied:

Always be positive and believe.

Work as hard as you can and strive to exceed expectations.

Deliver what you promise, on time.

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.


Do you have questions about the Jim Lake Community Fund? Interested in finding out how to take the next step as a business owner or member of the community? Kindly provide us your basic info and we’ll get in touch with you.